White woman charged after video shows her pointing gun at black mum and daughter

Horrific moment woman holds black family at gunpoint in car park

A white woman and her husband have been charged with assault after she was filmed pointing a gun at a black mum and her teenage daughter.

The video, which was posted on Facebook on Wednesday, shows an altercation outside a Chipotle restaurant in Orion Charter Township, Michigan.

What happened leading to the gun incident was not captured in the video, but alleged victim Takela Hill claims Jillian Wuestenberg had bumped into her 15-year-old daughter.

But Mrs Wuestenberg, 32, claimed she was being blocked from getting into her car. Her husband Eric Wuestenberg, 42, was seen on video ushering her into the vehicle.

The group argued but Ms Hill claims the couple tried hitting her as they reversed out of their parking space – but Mrs Wuestenberg accuses Ms Hill of striking her car.

In the clip Mrs Wuestenberg, holding the firearm, is heard saying: ‘Get away!’

Ms Hill then replied: ‘She got the gun on me, she was about to hit me with the car. Call them, get the license plate. Get the license plate now! Cause you were about to hit me with the car?’

Mrs Wuestenberg then said: ‘Don’t you fg jump behind my car!’, shouting repeatedly: ‘Get the f*k back!’ pointing the gun straight at Ms Hill.

She then walked back to the car and the couple went to drive away.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, Oakland County sheriff Michael Bouchard said: ‘Two very different stories from two different groups. Both sides claiming they feel extremely threatened.

‘The catalyst and [the] moments before the incident intensified in the parking lot was not captured on the video posted on Facebook.’

He said the officers who arrived on the scene did their job to keep everyone safe.

‘They stabilised the scene, initially handcuffing the woman, taking the weapons into custody and then beginning an investigation,’ he added.

Bouchard also said he ‘ordered all necessary resources’ to help gather all the information that could help them ‘investigate the totality of circumstances with all the facts’.

‘For example, were there other witnesses? Were there other cameras on other buildings, viewpoints or angles that could give us other angles and corroborate either side’s story?’ he said, ‘Unlike the internet, we have to gather all the facts and not just have snippets. So, this is what’s been gathered so far.’

If the couple are convicted of felony assault, they could face up to four years in prison.